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Justice Rules

~ FHS Approved for Limited Breeding ~

Stud Fee: $1,000.00

Breeding Methods: Cooled semen or AI at the Farm.

Breeding Details: See CONTRACTS for complete breeding details.

Justice Rules is a KFPS stallion who was purchased in Canada as a yearling. He has exhibited outstanding forward movement. In 2007 he was inspected by FHS and advised for testing to become an “Approved for Breeding Studbook Stallion”.

Justice also earned a “First Premium” and the title of FHS Reserve Champion Stallion in all of North America for the 2007 Inspection Tour. FHS Dutch judge Mrs. Modderman awarded him limited breeding approval until he attains his final breeding approval. This allows his foals to be registered in B-Book I. His dam is Wilhelmina fan Nicomen, a KFPS registered, FHS Star mare by Tsjerk 328.

Currently standing at: (171cm) 16.3 1/2 hands, Justice carries himself proudly and boldly. He has the athletic sport body type with classic bloodlines in his pedigree. Super temperament, very easy going, yet willing to perform!

See Pedigree Below

See Pedigree Below

KFPS/FHS Registered

Limited Breeding Certification

Justice Rules

Sire: Remmelt 323


Sire: Oege 267

Stb Preferent

Dam: Elviraa

Stb Ster

Sire: Wessel 237

Stb Preferent

Dam: Wieske

Stb Ster+Pref

Sire: Hearke 254

Stb Sport+Preferent

Dam: Nieske

Stb Ster

Sire: Jarich 226


Dam: Mary

Stb Model+Preferent*4

Sire: Hindrik 222


Dam: Jansie

Stb Model

Sire: Mark 232

Stb Preferent

Dam: Gelbrich

Stb Model+Pref*6

Sire: Ritske 202

Stb Preferent

Dam: Whita

Stb Ster

Dam: Wilhelmina fan Nicomen

Stb  FHS Ster


Sire: Tsjerk 328

Stb Sport+Preferent

Dam: Hike fan Nicomen

Stb Ster

Sire: Feitse 293

Stb Preferent

Dam: Wijkje

Stb Model+Prf+Prestm*11

Sire: Lukas 324


Dam: Hitsje

Stb Preferent*4

Sire: Jochem 259

Stb Preferent

Dam: Lysebet

Stb Ster+Pref*8

Sire: Nanne 197


Dam: Wietsche

Stb Ster+Pref*7

Sire: Sander 269


Dam: Aaf

Stb Ster+Pref*4

Sire: Teake 273


Dam: Tsjikke

Stb Ster

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