The Friesians of Freedom Farm L.L.C.

Our Mares

Goatske fan FryslanSter

~ Stam 103 ~

Goatske ‘fan Fryslan’ Ster is from Stam 103 a line known for passing on movement, especially the trot. She is the only living daughter of the great Ursl ‘fan Aut’. A Model mare that also earned a Sport predicate and was 2x undefeated National Dutch Driving Silver Whip Winner. Goatske’s half brother on the dam’s side, Roark, passed on going to the stallion testing because he was long listed for the USA Olympic Dressage Team.

KFPS Registered

Geke van De Strubbenhof Ster

~ Stam 34 ~

Geke van De Strubbenhof is an imported Star mare whose foals embody the traditional Baroque look, complete with tons of hair! Her foals temperament are quiet but determined.

FHS Registered

Wilhelmina fan Nicomen

~ Stam 61 ~

Wilhelmina fan Nicomen is sired by the fabulous Tsjerk 328 who consistently passes on his noble head. Wilhelmina also passes on that attribute as evidenced by her son, our FHS Provisionally Approved Stallion Justice Rules.

FHS Registered

Trientsje f. Groot Malkenhorst Ster

~ Stam 103 ~

Trientsje f. Groot Malkenhorst is an imported Star mare by Mintse 384 who is now retired.

FHS Registered

We are dedicated to preserving the high standards and integrity of the Friesian breed.